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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


At Little Explorers we strongly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and therefore have carefully chosen healthy nutritious food. Our nursery has its own fully equipped kitchen where well-balanced, nutritious meals are prepared every day on site using fresh ingredients to create an interesting healthy menu which will cater for all tastes.

Breakfast is provided between 8:00am to 8:45am and consists of cereal, toast and milk. This is followed by a mid morning snack. The main hot meal of the day is served at midday which consists of a two course meal and a drink. Tea is served at 4:00pm. We encourage all our children to help themselves and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Early foods will be provided for the babies and all special dietary requirements, e.g. health, cultural, religion, vegetarian and allergies, are catered for. Parents are encouraged to discuses specific requirements with the staff.

Each week a full menu is displayed in the lobby.

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“There is no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing”

We believe fresh air and exercise has developmental and therapeutic benefits for children. It is fun, helps to keep children healthy, helps develop an awareness of risk and danger and is important for building social, emotional and life skills. At Little Explorers we encourage children of all ages to explore and enjoy the open environment and all children will be able to access the outdoor area throughout the year.  Parents are requested to provide an all in one rain suite and Wellington boots.

We have our own safe and secure garden enclosed by a 6 foot panel fence. This area includes a range of fun and stimulating activities, including a mini beast area and a vegetable patch, along with large play equipment to enhance gross motor skills.

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