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Safe and Sound

ladybird1Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us while they are in our care. We undertake through health and safety assessments throughout the year to ensure your child is safe and secure at all times.  All equipment, toys and facilities are regularly checked to ensure that there are no dangers to the children in our care. Risks Assessments are regularly carried out.

Parents are requested to provide up to date information on any persons that are allowed to collect their child. We prefer, when possible, to meet the nominated person(s), but if this is not possible we will ask for a password and information regarding the collector. If we are in any doubt whatsoever we will call you to confirm this.

ladybird2Within the nursery we have an Accident form and a Medication form. Both of these require parent’s signatures if we are to administer any medicine (provided by the parent) or if your child has had a bump, scratch or accident whilst in our care.

Our parking can be accessed through the secured barriered car park at the rear of the nursery, which allows for the safe dropping off and collection of the children. A pass code will be provided to all parents/carers registered at the nursery.

We hold quarterly fire drills to ensure staff and children are aware of fire emergency procedures in the event of a fire. Our staff are fully equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise and will ensure your child’s safety at all times.

Within the nursery there is always a certain amount of illness and sickness that goes round. We try very hard to stop the spread of certain illnesses by maintaining a very high standard of cleanliness, for example, washing hands after every nappy change, spraying the changing mat with anti-bacterial cleaner and keeping eating and changing areas hygienic and clean. As parents you can also help by keeping your child at home if they have diarrhoea or sickness.

We are proud of our facilities at Little Explorers and the staff are  dedicated to providing the best in childcare and early learning experiences for all our children.  As parents you can be assured that within the pleasant calm surroundings of our nursery, is a safe bright stimulating environment in which your child can grow, learn and be happy.