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Thank you for all the lovely memories over the past 5 years. We are grateful for all the care and love you have given to I. She has grown up to be a happy little girl that absolutely loved coming to Little Explorers every day and be with her little friends.

All the staff have been amazing. I is a happy and confident child and its a testament to the hard work you all do.

TM Rochester 2020

It has been a pleasure to bring A & J into your setting over the last nearly five years. You and your wonderful team have always been so kind and nurturing. A &J are excited about their next chapter in their school journey but they have such fond memories of you and the friends they have made. I am so grateful that I always felt at ease leaving them with you and in the safe care of your team.

SS Rochester 2019

Thank you for everything you have done for E. It was a major decision moving E from a nursery she was happy at and one I agonised over. I’m so pleased to say it was certainly the right decision. E being prepared for school is as a result of the work you and your staff have put in. E is so happy at your nursery that she doesn’t always want to leave straight away when we collect her.

JG Rochester 2019

Thank you for all your support whilst J has been at Little Explorers. The nursery experience with you has been so positive and we really appreciate what a great start in life you and your team have given J.

OB Rochester 2019

We love having B in a safe and secure environment and feel Little Explorers offers that. B has developed so much since she started and the staff have been excellent and key to this happening. Thank you to all at Little Explorers, you really care and it makes such a difference to us as a family knowing that B is with you.

JM Rochester 2019