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Working in Partnership with Parents

We want children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents and want parents to feel welcome and involved from the beginning. We therefore recommend a settling in period prior to the start date.

A webodsek before the start date we suggest you bring your child in at a prearranged time, initially staying with your child and talking with the staff members to share information that will help them care for your child. Gradually we will ask you to leave allowing your child to familiarise with the staff and other children.

We will work closely with you for a happy settling in period. We are aware that each child is different and some will settle easily and quickly whilst others will take longer to settle. At Little Explorers, we believe behind every happy child is a happy parent. You are very welcome to telephone and be put through to your child’s room to speak with the carers at any time and to ask how your child is.

As a parent you will want to know how your child is adapting to and progressing in the day-to-day life of the nursery. We recognise that knowing your child is in safe hands and that he or she is developing new skills is vital for your peace of mind and to that end we will provide you with regular feedback on their progress. Importantly, parents can arrange to visit at any time of the day and take part in nursery activities.